Monday, December 16, 2013

2's my favorite 1

I know you are all wondering if I really did it. You are all thinking to yourself, hey, I wonder if J really did get married this past October. She said she would, but she never confirmed via blog post, so maybe she pulled a runaway bride.

Well, sorry to disappoint but I did NOT pull a runaway bride. On October 12th I got married. Kevin and I had a beautiful, "let's get this done," 6 minute outdoor ceremony. We declared our undying love and dedication to each other surrounded by our family and friends, and it was everything I imagined it to be.

And then we partied. We celebrated with all our loved ones and it was just so amazing and special. I think I told every person who I came in contact with that I loved them, and you all better believe that I meant it. If for some reason I missed you, just know that I LOVE YOU! I think I may have the biggest supportive group of family and friends in the world (OK, not counting you Bat Kid, your support group is pretty impressive too). And now Kevin and his family are part of mine, and I am one lucky girl.

I've read multiple posts over the past months about husbands and boyfriends leaving their loved ones behind as they go through the most difficult battle of their life, cancer. When I tell Kevin that he is something special, he claims that any man would stick by his woman's side during her toughest times, but that's sadly not true. Even before our wedding vows, even before we said in front of everyone, "through sickness and health," I knew that he could step up to the plate. I just want every woman who has been let down by her man before know that there are good ones out there. There are dedicated, strong men, who will stick by your side and take care of you when you need them the most. I am lucky to know many of them. My family is full of them! My dad never left my mom's side, and Kevin will never leave mine.

Speaking of my mom, she would have loved Kevin. I know it. And I know she would have loved my wedding. I wore her wedding dress and I felt like a princess in it. A bad ass, cancer kicking princess to be exact! Just like my momma.

Thank you to everyone who came to my wedding. Thank you to all my friends and family. Thank you to Kevin for being all that I could ask for (and even a little more). Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. You all keep me sane, and I am sure I will continue to need your support as the years fly by.

- J.