Friday, May 16, 2014

Design vs Cancer

I come from a creative background. I edit videos. I design posters. I create websites. Therefore, I'm a big fan of a good design. I'm also a big fan of helping other people. I'm a breast cancer survivor and I know what it's like to receive that diagnosis and to feel completely helpless. I remember my second thought after I was diagnosed with breast cancer - will my health insurance cover this? That's a scary thought. I was so afraid that I somehow would not be covered and I'd have to figure out how to financially cover my treatments. I thought I'd forever be in debt.

I am lucky. My health insurance covered everything. I paid what I had to, but it was minimum compared to my actual healthcare costs. Not everyone is as lucky as me. A cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things a person can hear, but then to worry about how to cover treatments is just awful.

That's why I supported Design vs Cancer from the get go on Kickstarter.
"Design vs Cancer was established to help families with financial assistance during their fight against ALL types of cancer as well as helping stop cancer at the source by supporting cancer research. We operate as a “for profit” business (Design vs Cancer, LLC), and donate all of our after tax profits to a non-profit foundation we established called Creativity Helps. From here, we are able to provide financial assistance directly to the families."
Design vs Cancer sells premium goods (posters, shirts, stickers, etc.) from amazing designers to help support people fighting all types of cancer. You can find more about their mission here. In celebration of the launch of their online store today, a 15% discount is being offered this weekend (May 16th - 18th) if you use the promo code - JOINTHEFIGHT.

Stop on by. Check out some of the amazing stuff they have. Get the word out! Hashtag away (#jointhefight #designvscancer)! I already received this awesome shirt from backing their Kickstarter campaign and I love it!

I absolutely adore these posters as well. The designs and words are just so inspirational!

There is a lot to peruse at the Design vs Cancer store, so please do! Purchase something inspirational for yourself or for a friend. Donate to a good cause. Oh, and just to give you a little extra nudge, today is my birthday. So do it for me. Tell them I sent ya!

- J.